Our primary focus is on designing for you! There is nothing quite like the luxury of having a kitchen or bathroom designed to fit your needs and space. That is why Residential Design & Build provides the best in Professional In-Home Design Services...

Owner Ross Rohrer, a Certified Professional Green Builder with 47 years of home design and building experience doing Custom Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodeling and also Custom Bath Remodeling. Mark, a Designer, with over 40 years of experience lead the team of home designers and craftspeople known for thinking outside of the box, to make maximum use of space and give the customer the greatest value.

The nuances of your daily life need to be explored to create a room design that works best for you and reflects your personal style by our home designer.

Our very experienced and NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) trained home designers come to your home — when it's convenient for you. We look, listen and inquire...

What's the specific challenge in designing a kitchen for you:

  • Are you short on counter space?
  • Do you cook-on-the-run or love to bake?
  • Do you want it well organized so everything is right at your fingertips?
  • Do you want a large center island for your family to sit at and talk while you're working in the kitchen?
  • Is your kitchen small or does it extend into your family room?

After the In-Home visit, thats when the fun begins! You get together one-on-one with our home designer and create your dream kitchen or bath!

"Our Designer patiently guided us in designing the perfect kitchen. The transformation was truly amazing..." —Dallas & Carol W.


90% of our business is from referrals by our satisfied clients and repeat customers. Our high rate of referrals reflects our commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment is to give you the RIGHT DESIGN at COMPETITIVE PRICES with Residential Design & Build CUSTOM CRAFTED CABINETRY!

We will gladly provide you with names and references in your area.

What's important to us is that You have peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted your home and remodeling dream to us at Residential Design & Build.

The Right Design

After we have gathered all the necessary measurements for your room design, analyzed the spaces to be renovated or redesigned, we shift into the most exciting part - designing your dream.

Our home designers know how to create the most efficient kitchen, the most luxurious bathroom, the ideal home entertainment center. With an eye for detail and a professional in this area- they help you create the best layout based on your information. Using your exact specifications, they begin creatie your new space using latest high-tech design software. We are then able to present you with an amazingly accurate and detailed rendering of what your new kitchen, bath or design center will look like--from any angle of the room.

"Our Designer patiently guided us in designing the perfect kitchen. The transformation was truly amazing..." —Dallas & Carol W.

You choose your wood, your cabinet style, the type of doors you prefer, a countertop color that provides the atmosphere you want and many more details that set our remodels out from the competition. Our home designer will fill you in on all the possibilities you have ensuring your design meets your specific needs for years to come! And our Design Center has over many different door styles and unlimited color combinations, so you will have a room design that is uniquely yours.

Our designs are totally custom to you and your specifications. Whatever your requirements are - that's how we'll design and build it. We never try to cookie-cutter a design onto your living space - that's the backward way of doing it.

During this process, we make any needed alterations or adjustments as we go along. The purpose of the 3D drawings is to save time and money. Once you see your renderings this way, you may want to make small alterations and now is the best time to do it. Together, we'll work out the perfect look and design before we ever put a saw to wood. The final drawings then become the blueprint for your beautiful new kitchen, bath or addition.

The end result of a well designed room, be it the kitchen, bath or any other room, is that it is both functional and efficient but also has all of the small little details and warm aesthetics that you dreamed it would have and that truly makes it yours.

We want to ensure our customers complete satisfaction so that we know, in the future, when you think of any future remodeling projects, there is no hesitation - Residential Design & Build by Clear Oak Designs is the only firm for you.

Call Us Today for a Free Home Design & Remodeling Consultation at

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