Straight from our Craftsman

At Clear Oak Designs, we don't just assemble ready-made cabinets for home remodeling projects. We make our own wood cabinets from scratch to the finished product. We mix and apply our own finishes and because of this, we have complete control over the quality of our products. We use green water base conversion varnish which is the best and most durable finish available in the industry.

Custom work and on-site installation and fabrcation is one of the hallmarks of our quality and design. By sourcing a wide variety of wood types, including gorgeous traditional hardwoods and we have done work in every different type of exotic woods, we start with only the best of materials.

“Their craftsmanship was great.”
—Curtis F.

Our team of craftsmen begin the process by hand-building each cabinet. After the pieces have been cut, they are prepped, fitted, routed, hand-carved and sanded. At Clear Oak Designs, we pride ourselves in the smooth, voluptuous nature of our cabinet finishes. And we owe much of this to our relentless attention to detail, especially when it comes to hand sanding. It all combines for a stunning set of cabinetry that will last for decades.

Hand-Sorted Lumber for Home Remodeling

With a high standard of materials used, we have established relationships with premium lumber suppliers. Every piece we use to craft your cabinetry, from maple to beech and oak to cherry is hand-picked and hand-sorted by our craftsman. Every individual piece of lumber must meet the high standards of our professionals. We at Clear Oak Designs do what it takes to ensure we end up with totally satisfied customers.

Custom Built & Installed by Clear Oak Designs

Clear Oak Designs doesn't skimp where it counts. We make sure every piece fits together with drum-tight precision. We use screws where others use pin nails or staples. We utilize all the tricks and cuts of old world craftsmanship to lock together joints so they are stronger, more finished and better looking.

Home Remodeling & RenovationClear Oak Designs has its own team of installers and subcontractors we trust to bring your dream into reality--by building and finishing the work as exactly as it was designed--quickly and artfully. Doing quality work involves an exact attention to detail through the installation process. Our home remodeling installers are meticulous in their pursuit of perfection up till the last piece of molding is installed. Our level of expertise and attention to detail extends beyond our workshop. Our craftsmen specialize in taking care with each step of finishing your new kitchen, bath or design with unmatched skill and ability. Contact us and let us help you build your next project!

"...your workers did a great job, we are very pleased." —Lucille & Reed R.

Besides the beauty of our work, we design everything to be extraordinarily functional. The Home Design for your new spaces are designed for use, not just for looks. All of our home designs reflect our respect for both form and function. And we combine Green Home principles wherever possible. Be sure to contact us about this service if you're interested.

Bringing Back a Previous Service - Solid Wood Refacing

In addition to the great quality of our new cabinetry, we are bringing back a service for those that do not need to tear-out and redesign the whole kitchen - saving cost on different aspects, such as the cabinetry itself, tear-out costs and replacing of existing floors or counters.

This is a solid wood re-facing technique where new solid frames and panels are created and installed to cover the entire exterior of cabinets with the same quality new wood and solid door designs as our new cabinetry. This creates the same beautiful exterior as our new work without the same costs as new.

This process is a very Green way to remodel your kitchen or bath as it saves resources, energy, transportation and manufacturing pollution as well as money out of pocket. Feel free to call us and ask more about this if you or your friends are interested. Both Ross and Mark are very experienced with this process.

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