Concerns About Hiring A Contractor?

Residential Design & Build bath kitchen remodelSome people often get quite concerned about choosing the wrong contractor or designer when they're doing a Home Renovation for their kitchen and bath remodeling, and justifiably so. We've all heard stories about the nightmares people have gone through with home renovations.

You've heard people talk about their remodeled kitchens and baths - some are happy and some are not so happy and there are enough unhappy stories to cause one to be very careful when choosing a contractor or designer.

After all, a home renovation for your kitchen and bath are the most often used areas of the house and when these rooms have the right feeling of comfort and character, they produce a very pleasing and relaxing effect. If not, a great opportunity is wasted and the effect can be dull and uninspiring, not to mention your investment of time and money being less rewarding than you planned.

Having a kitchen and bath that you feel comfortable and happy in also depends on how you feel about who did the work. Did you like them? Did they care about you and your degree of pleasure with the overall job. Did you like them working in your house and were they pleasant? Would you invite them back? These are all factors that go into a job that feels right and is right for you.


How can you know before choosing and hiring a contractor?

How do you select a contractor/designer that has the goal of working with you to achieve your ideal design and home renovation that will serve you well for years to come and who will creatively and effectively solve your design problems with you and will bring out the best in you and your project - also keeping your budget in mind? Here's how...

How Can you Have Confidence from the Moment of Selection that your Job will be right and go well?

The Key is References

Residential Design & Build bath kitchen remodelAs you've probably heard before, you should get 3 comparable contractors to estimate your project. Always check licenses, job insurances, as well as the better business bureau for any undesirable ratings. These initial checks rarely show undesirable ratings and therefore may give the impression the companies checked are "okay," however there is a vast difference between them which can only be discovered through further careful checking. The best place to start is collecting personal references (from friends, etc.) of contractors they feel are good.

The Way to Judge and Select a Contractor is by Seeing their References (similar jobs they have done for others in your area.)

Usually a good contractor in your area will have references close by to see, and should be able to provide as many as are necessary for you to feel confident in all aspects of their work. Over the phone referrals may sound good, but GO SEE THE JOB YOURSELF. People can praise a job that others may not find so attractive upon inspection, so look it over carefully. Would you want it in your home? People's ideas of what is a good or acceptable job vary greatly - and what one person thinks is good may not be acceptable or desirable to another. Go see for yourself. (Seeing showroom displays are helpful but not nearly as revealing of the actual quality, design & service as a completed job.)

Ask the Reference...

Are they are happy with the service they got?
Did they enjoy working with the company?
Was the job completed in a timely manner?
Did they get help along the way with any questions or decisions that came up?
What was the care factor?
Did the original design fulfill their expectations -
 and was this confirmed by living in and using their kitchen or bath after it was built?

These are important questions to ask, and they indicate the overall integrity of the company. Lastly you might ask them: If they were to do it again, would they do anything different?
Most people have helpful suggestions on even the best of home designs.

Longevity and dependability are also major points in choosing a contractor, as well as quality of workmanship when you're doing a home renovation. And only through seeing the references thoroughly can this be known. The time you spend doing this will be well worth it and you will feel good about your decision and be comfortable with it.

To see what some of our references say about Residential Design & Build, check out our Testimonials section on the About Us page.

Residential Design & Build...

Established in 1976, is one of Santa Clara Valleys most quality-conscious kitchen and bath companies. We have delivered outstanding design and quality for over 47 years, building our business mostly on references. We take pride in the personal attention we give each client and this time is well spent and has enabled us to deliver superior design to our customers through the years. We have been creating cabinetry residential woodworking for over 47 years. We have done many jobs in your area and have a good referral base of customers in the area to see. As part of our initial FREE estimate and design consultation, we will select out a number of references from our extensive portfolio that show as close a similarity as possible to your desired design and details, until you are comfortable with how your job will actually look. And we will encourage you to see and compare the references.

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