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What inspiration causes someone to decide to redesign their kitchen, bath or create an expansion or home remodeling to the house? For some it's a desire to create a warmer, more inviting kitchen to share with family and friends. For others it's a longing to create a more comfortable, aesthetic looking bath that fits their tastes. Or it could be a more practical approach, such as a desire for higher quality cabinets, more storage space or a more efficient layout that takes into account the dynamics of how your family operates. In any case a good Home Design is the start for any Home Remodeling.

"Each morning... I think to myself: I just love this room!..." —Alexis R.

Whatever sets off the spark of your Home Design creation, our customers usually have their own unique vision when they first come to us. A dream, a feel, an ambience. An idea of how they want their new space to look or how they want their kitchen or bath to feel. It has been an idea they have been creating for some time. Some have pictures from magazines, or they've observed the efficiency of a friend's new kitchen, or just know what aspects of a room are important to themself and their family members and from this, they've generated some original ideas and concepts or they've looked at our portfolio and seen different pieces of what they're looking for come to life! And they now have a Home Design idea for the area they are interested in.

Even those with only a few ideas come seeking inspiration--and find it. At Residential Design & Build, we don't simply try to fit our Home Designs to your needs. Rather, we meet with our clients in a free consultation with a completely open mind to find out exactly what is needed and wanted from them for the home remodeling they need, where ideas can be expressed freely, dreams revealed and possibilities explored. We then lend our years of experience and professionalism to the home design process to show them how we can help make their dreams come alive.

The Right Home Design

After we have gathered all the necessary measurements, analyzed the spaces to be renovated or redesigned, we shift into the most exciting part - designing your dream. Our designers understand how to create the most efficient kitchen, the most comfortable bathroom, the ideal home entertainment center with an eye for detail and a professional design eye - they will create the best layout based on your information. Using your exact specifications, they begin creating your new space or room using latest high-tech design software. By using our incredible 3-D technology, we are able to present you with an amazingly accurate and detailed rendering of what your new kitchen, bath or design center will look like--from any angle of the room. With the right Home Design your Home Remodeling project will go like a breeze.

"Our Designer patiently guided us in designing the perfect kitchen.
The transformation was truly amazing..." —Dallas & Carol W.

Our Home Designs are totally custom to you and your specifications. Whatever your requirements are - that's how we'll design and build it. We never try to cookie-cutter a design onto your living space - that's the backward way of doing it.

During this process, we make any needed alterations or adjustments as we go along. The purpose of the 3D drawings is to save time and money otherwise home remodelings can get expensive. Once you see your renderings this way, you may want to make small alterations and now is the best time to do it. Together, we'll work out the perfect look and design before we ever put a saw to wood. The final drawings then become the blueprint for your beautiful new kitchen, bath or addition.

Service Built on Friendship with every Home Design

The end result is a beautiful redesign that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come. Our pursuit of meeting the highest quality standards every step of the way is eclipsed only by our relentless desire to please our customers. A job successfully done is one which not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.

We take the notion of being your friend in the remodeling business literally.

We think this why Residential Design & Build has grown so rapidly over the years. Friends tell friends. Family tells family. Nearly 90 percent of our jobs are generated from word-of-mouth referrals. Over the years, we've accumulated thousands of them. If you'd like to read what some of our customers have said about their Residential Design & Build experience, visit our about us page.

Value for every Home Remodeling Budget

Too often people confuse quality with expense. At Residential Design & Build, we can build quality, high-value cabinets for most any budget and at home. In fact, our cabinets are often not much more expensive than the low quality, mass-produced cabinetry available at the big-box home improvement warehouses. Contact a Residential Design & Build sales consultant for a detailed estimate.

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